Academic Conference

This Home Renaissance Foundation (HRF) Academic Conference, supported by the Social Trends Institute (STI), will explore the contribution of the home to the wellbeing and happiness of individuals at all stages of life and, by implication, to wider society. It will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the vital role of the home in connecting and nurturing individuals through shared values, work, and purpose.

The conference builds upon HRF and STI’s proven expertise in gathering world-class academics and professionals to present multidisciplinary research and experience relating to the life and work of the home. There is a clear public as well as academic and professional engagement with the topic of the home and its effects on society.

The 5th Conference will generate new material suitable for publication as a part of a growing series on topics relating to the home, but should also be a point of reconnection with and refreshment of themes explored in earlier HRF conferences and STI Expert Meetings. This will promote future evidence-based discourse and policy-making.